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Hi all!

One thing I learned at the conference last weekend is that I should really be blogging more, even if it’s just to tell you what I’ve been up to this week.  So, here’s my goal: Monday’s post will be something about writing or reading, whether it’s the craft, or how you choose a book to read—something like that.  Friday will be a weekly roundup that’s just me talking.  I’m really hoping to be able to stick to this pace, but we’ll see with formatting and word count weeks coming up quick!  I have good intentions anyway!


I got Unseen back from the proofreader early this week, and she said it was the best manuscript she’s read in awhile.  I can not WAIT to get this book out!  I think you’re all really going to enjoy it.  So, I have a few people reading it now, just for a last set of eyes, and next week starts my own personal hell week: Formatting.

I spent last week taking a break from word count on my new apocalypse book.  This week I’ve been brainstorming and putting into practice some of the things I learned at the conference last week—specifically character development and plotting.  I’m working hard to turn the apocalypse book into the best thing I’ve ever written.  It’s a looooooong way from that right now, but I think it’s on the right track.  Next week I’ll get back to word count.


Right now, I am reading The Accidental Bestseller by Wendy Wax.  It’s such a cute and light read.  It’s about four writer friends who met at a conference and became BFF’s.  What’s not to like?  So far, Kendall, one of the women in the book, is pretty unlikable so far, but I’m hoping she grows as a character soon.  All the others are good.  Not sure what I’m gonna read next!  Feel free to make suggestions!


That’s all for now!  Check back on Monday for more!