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Hi everyone!  How sincere is your pumpkin patch?  😉

What a busy week it’s been!  Unseen is ready to go for it’s November 19 release, and guess what?  You can preorder it now!  Just visit this link to get your copy delivered right to your Kindle on the release day!  This is my very first chance to do a preorder with one of my books, so I’m super excited about it, and am hoping it goes well.

I have also approved the paperback version of Unseen and have ordered lots of those in preparation for the Goodreads Giveaway.  Don’t forget to head over to Goodreads and enter.

Additionally, I finished the first draft of my March release!  I’m a few weeks ahead of schedule on that one, but I also came in under the word count, so I want to spend the next few weeks really revising and flushing out the story and characters.  It’s the most characters I’ve ever written, so I really want to make sure they’re all well defined before sending it to the beta readers!

I also want to spend some of my extra time outlining book two in that series, while all the characters and events are fresh in my mind.  That’ll save me some time a little later in the production calendar.  Like, in June of 2015 haha.

I’ve also been busy getting The Cure ready for it’s appearance in the Fusion Anthology!  That’s scheduled for release in December, and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about it!  We have four NYT Bestselling authors on board, so I’m defiantly a little fish in a big pond here!  🙂

So, here’s a rundown of my upcoming releases:

Unseen – November 19, 2014 (Preorder it NOW!)

Fusion: An Anthology – December, 2014

Untitled Apocalypse book – March, 2015

Unforgiven: Book 2 in the Unseen Trilogy – July 2015

There’s more, but that should hold you over for now.  This is the busiest schedule I’ve ever had, and as a writer who’s used to 1 title per year, it’s a lot.  But I’m so excited to be in the groove of things and have so much planned for the next year!

At any rate, I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!  I’m taking my daughter trick or treating for the very first time tonight!  Wish us luck!  🙂