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Hey all!

Friday again, finally!   It’s been an eventful week with the cover reveal of Unseen!  What did you all think?  The feedback I’ve been getting has been all positive so far!

Also, don’t forget about the Goodreads Contest going on!  You have a chance to win one of ten signed paperback copies of Unseen!  You have until Unseen’s release date (November 19) to enter.  Already over 150 people have entered!  I’m so excited about the support Unseen is getting, and I can’t wait for all of you to read it!

I’m also deep in formatting Hell on this book, but so far, it’s going well considering.  I’m finished with the paperback and the Kindle version.  Next, I wander into uncharted epub territory.  Wish me luck.

My work in progress is coming along well, but wrapping up more quickly than I’d expected.  Well, that isn’t entirely true.  I’ve been struggling with the length of this particular novel all along.  Currently, I estimate I will be finished with the first draft next week, and it will land somewhere between 40,000 and 45,000 words.  At best, that’s still 5,000 words short of my minimum goal.  I’m hoping in editing I can add some words.  Funny thing about writing this book, my fourth, is that every book has been a different experience.  They’ve all taught me something about writing and publishing.  And I can’t help but be excited about that.

I’ve also resolved to try and read more.  Writers have no business writing if they’re not reading!  I’m a big believer in that, and I haven’t found consistent time to read in weeks!  It’s taken me a month to read a book that should’ve taken me a week. Shameful!  I’m hoping to find the time to do better on this straight away!

In the mean time, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Wish me luck in the coming week, as I attempt to work out my WIP!

The cover for Unseen, coming November 19, 2014.

The cover for Unseen, coming November 19, 2014.