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Hi guys!

So, my husband decided that my Friday blog should be called a flog.  There for, I’m currently flogging.  😉  Joking aside, it’s been a productive week, despite not living at home right now due to mold clean up.  I’m nearly caught up on my word count goals from last week!  I think by the end of today I should be back on track.  Plus, I breached the half way point on my WIP, so I’m very excited about that!  That title is on track for its March release!

Unseen is also on track to release in 32 days, according to my countdown clock.  Is it possible to be excited and panic at the same time?  A MONTH!  I ordered a proof copy of the print edition, and started prepping the file for Amazon yesterday!  We will have a  cover reveal on that one soon I think!

Are any of you Goodreads people?  I’m planning to do a big giveaway through them in preparation for the release!  Stay tuned for more information on that, and how to enter!

I suppose that’s it for this week!  What’s everyone reading this weekend?  Let me know in the comments!  🙂