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Hey guys! I thought I might give you an update after some mysterious radio silence. After a rather lackluster release on The Human, despite our best efforts, we had to make some hard choices. So, I pulled all my books off the other platforms, since I wasn’t getting more than ten sales a month total from there, and put them in Kindle Unlimited.

Now, I didn’t do this haphazardly or without thinking of how this would affect my readers. However, with around 10 sales per month across the other three platforms combined (iTunes, Nook and Kobo), I really had to think about my bottom line and not the 10 or so people who would be mad at me.

So we made the leap. We are now Kindle exclusive and I have to say, so far, things are looking up.

The Dead World

I had a bit of a delay with The Dead World after a small publisher showed some interest in the trilogy. What that would have meant for us is that we wouldn’t have to pay any production costs on the book, a very enticing prospect given our most recent flop of a release.

However, the contract they offered me left something to be desired, and we weren’t able to come to a common ground. But I don’t regret the interaction! I learned a lot. And, although The Dead World may be a few weeks later than originally hoped, it will be coming. Alive on the other hand will have to wait until next year.

So Now What?

So if I’m not working on Alive right now, what am I working on? An entirely new project. I’ve done a lot of genre research this month, and am working hard to write a book that will sell, but first I need a golden idea. So, I’m researching, reading, watching movies, and brainstorming. Some of my ideas are fair. Most will go in the slush pile. But soon I’ll have one that’s good enough to go on and I’ll get an entirely new series ready to be in your hands hopefully by the end of this year, maybe next year. We’ll see how the cards fall.

So that’s us. Hang in there with us this year while we try to hold on, and keep bringing you books you love to read!! Want to help me? Buy the books! And leave reviews! Lol!