Through the Valley

Kindle Unlimited | Paperback

Magic, demons, adventure and romance.  Perfect for fans of A Discovery of Witches, Susanna Kearsley, and The Mortal Instruments.

Demons are real.  And they’re coming for this world…

Small-town waitress Lily Eichorn is blind, but her world isn’t dark.  She sees the souls of those around her.  However, she has no idea the evil about to be unleashed on every single person on Earth.

Asher Symonds works with the supernatural.  He’s dealt with witches, shifters, and werewolves, but never a seer as talented as Lily.  He needs her to stop a centuries-old legend from unleashing its horrors.  

But she knows nothing about his world, and he has no idea how deep her power goes.

Can a blind girl see through the darkness that’s coming and lead the world into light?

Shadow of Death

July 16, 2017

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