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Hello my lovely readers!

Guys, I have a large enough following on my newsletter and social media that if everyone rallied behind me I could be a USA Today Bestselling author.  I still work two other jobs in addition to writing to make this dream happen.  You could help me say goodbye to these two other jobs and write exclusively.

I want to give you as much incentive as possible to help me do this.


  1. I’ve made The Fate free for many of you one way or another.
  2. If you haven’t yet read The Fate or The Reaper, get them here.
  3. When The Human releases on May 29th, it’ll be available to you for an intro price of $2.99.  It’ll go up to $3.99 on the 4th day after release.
  4. And finally, I’ll be hosting a HUGE giveaway during the release period!!

The giveaway up to $500.00 will be open to anyone and everyone.  I wouldn’t (and can’t legally) ask you to buy the book to get an entry into the contest.  You’ll be eligible to win even if you don’t buy the ebook.

But, when you buy the ebook, you directly contribute to the size of the cash prize!

Here’s the plan:

If sales rank on Kindle (on May 29th, 30th, or 31st) reaches…

Unlimited to 3001: No cash prize

3,000-500: The Amazon Gift Card prize will be $25.00

499-200:  The Amazon Gift Card prize will be $50.00

199-100: The Amazon Gift Card prize will be $100.00

OR if The Human lands on the USA Today Bestseller list: The Amazon Gift Card prize will be $500.00!!!!  You can buy a lot of books with that kinda money!!

If you haven’t already, make sure you read The Fate and The Reaper.  Mark your calendars for the release of The Human on May 29th and be ready to buy it at the reduced intro price!!  Remember, your participation will really drive the excitement of this giveaway.

*No purchase necessary.  Winner will be selected June 15th, 2016.