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Hey Guys!

So, I went to the Florida Heritage Book Festival over the weekend in St. Augustine.  It was awesome!  The festival was held at my alma mater, Flagler College, so it was so fun to go back and walk the campus again.  Although, holy cow did the kids make me feel old!

Friday I went to four different workshops.  My favorite presenters were Chuck Barrett and D.L. Havlin.  I learned so much about publishing and crafting a character from them both!  Everything from creating an imprint, to purchasing your own ISBN numbers, to using psychological profiles to define your characters and create conflict.  By day’s end I was feeling so jazzed and ready to write again!

Saturday was the marketplace day, and although sales were slow, I learned so much from the other vendors!  I plan to attend more festivals, and even found a great one in Georgia (The Decatur Book Festival) that I’m hoping to get into next year!

I also made some new friends at the festival, and found their input invaluable!  Check out Tami Lynne and Christina Benjamin, give them some support!  They were awesome!

All for now!  I’m trying to blog more frequently, I promise!  🙂