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Hi everybody!

There are quite a few new readers around here and we owe some thanks to Nick Stephenson, author of the Leopold Blake thrillers.  His marketing experience has guided us on how best to give a big thank you to all of Stephanie’s readers.

Stephanie’s first book, The Blackout, was a surprise hit.  Its success blew our wildest expectations and we will always be grateful for the inspiration to continue into the realm of self publishing.  Since its publication, Amazon certainly doesn’t do much favors in helping us find new readers.  Nick has helped give us some fresh new ideas on how to expand Stephanie’s fan base and we’re really optimistic where things are going!

Without readers, we won’t have authors.  So, thank you for being here.  Stick around, because Stephanie has some really excellent books coming your way.  Unforgiven, book 2 in the Unseen trilogy is undergoing second round edits with the editor right now.  I got to read it–I have to tell you, the Unseen trilogy is gonna blow you all away!

Keep opening up your newsletters, we have some awesome giveaways coming your way!