Since the blogger for today has not yet made their post for The Dead Room, a little distraction is in order..

Nintendo has in its business plan a model that centers on console gaming.  Which is great, except that so many of us are transitioning away from console games in favor of smartphones and tablets.  I’ll also have a Nintendo and a Playstation, but how many times have I thought about playing Super Mario World while waiting in line at the doctor’s office…

Well, they have finally announced that they are making classic games available on smartphones and tablets.  I’m not sure they’ve announced a date yet, or even if they will be available exclusively on one operating system or another, BUT:

::drum roll please::

Here is just one article talking about the announcement!



In the meantime, we’re busy bees over here at Pickles Press getting some special treats in order.  It’s a LOT of work, but it will truly uphold YOU the READER!  So stay tuned!!