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Dan here– We’re excited to have a brand new web home for Stephanie.  I’m sure no one is going to be reading this post (at least not any time soon), but maybe at some point it will be fun for us to look back at the beginnings of this new venture. For now, I’m content to delete the default WP blog post.

Stephanie’s first two titles have been well received and after being inspired by some new friends…other indie writers well established in their self pub careers…we have decided to take the plunge.

What does that mean?

Well, for starters, Stephanie is going to be producing more regularly. I hope that is exciting to the readership she has already developed.  We have a production schedule mapped out to include one new title for 2014 and three in 2015.  The steps to the production process itself have been set to outsource to other professionals things such as cover art and higher quality editing.

We’re also looking very much to step up Stephanie’s relationship with her readers.  Facebook and Twitter have been around for her since nearly the beginning and she has around 600 followers on each platform.  The newest addition, though, will be her newsletter.  You can find the signup form on the landing page to this site, if you are interested in occasional mailings regarding new cover/title reveals, new releases, and giveaways.  After all, without you, the reader, Stephanie’s art is only for her–and she wants to share it!

Stephanie is also scheduled to attend her first book fair/writers conference this fall.  Lucky for her, this one just so happens to be hosted at her alma mater, Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL.  We expect it to be a great way to start off into new territory by revisiting some old.  This will make great opportunity to hone her craft and to further establish herself into the writing community.  This will be the first of many! Here we go! -Dan