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Hi guys!

I saw a blog topic idea to describe my ideal writing space, and I thought it was brilliant!  So here goes.  First, there must be books.  Books on three walls.  Why only three you ask?  Because the forth must be a wall of windows overlooking a beautiful beach.  It should be a tropical beach, someplace warm where I can swim, or just dip my toes during moments of reflection for my next novel.  (Hey, you said ideal, didn’t you?)

Back to the windows. They would retract, so when it was particularly nice, I could open them completely and basically  be reading outside, listening to the waves gently lap at the shore.  But what about the books?  They’d be horribly damaged by the humidity?  No they wouldn’t.  I would have very sophisticated dehumidifiers installed in each shelf, carefully preserving each volume.

What would I have on those high tech shelves?  Everything from George R. R. Martin, to J. K. Rowling to Amy Bartol, to Roald Dahl, to Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, to Lucy Maude Montgomery and everything in between.  Of course I would have a special first edition area with books like Winnie the Pooh, The Count of Monte Cristo, Harry Potter, all of my Nicholas Sparks book (that’s right.  Don’t judge.), and whatever other gems I can find.

What would the seating be like?  I would have several options.  One would be a swing chair that hangs from the ceiling, because who doesn’t want to swing.  One would be a sectional with a foot stool built in.  Not a recliner, because I don’t like how those lay back and you have to fight it to keep it reclined.  Plus they tend to hit my ponytail if I’m wearing one.  Lol.  Plus, if I had a sectional, I could lay down if I wanted to, or sit up.

I would also make sure to have at least one dog and one cat present in my reading space.  I find their presence calming, despite the way the cat tries to lay on my book, or keyboard as the case may be.  The purring makes it cute.  The drooling does not.

Since this reading room doesn’t exist, here are some pictures of some close seconds that would be amazing too.  🙂

OMG this view.  It's perfect.  The only thing that would make it better is if the window popped all the way out and I could dangle my toes in.

OMG this view. It’s perfect. The only thing that would make it better is if the window popped all the way out and I could dangle my toes in.

Bathroom library!  What?

Ok, so I do worry about water getting on the books, but, we’re talking in ideals here, so who doesn’t want a library bathroom?! Brilliant!


I’m willing to overlook the disorganization of this space because of the water being right outside the door. I mean, come on! It’s Venice! <3

Reading chair

This is kind of like the swing I had in mind. Although I’d have to sit in it to be sure. If it craned my neck at all, it would be a no go, but it looks cozy and inviting that’s for sure!

So, what did I miss?  What makes up your favorite reading space?  Let me know in the comments below!