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We’re pretty excited about some new things coming here for Stephanie.

Not only is The Dead Room due to release in just a few days, we have an awesome plan under development to get Stephanie and her books plenty of exposure.

The Dead Room is the first of Stephanie’s books to get the royal treatment on marketing.  You have have already seen there is a Goodreads giveaway running RIGHT NOW that will let readers from the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK enter to win one of two paperback copies.  Currently there are 667 entries, so your chances of winning are pretty high!  If you win, please leave a review and hand it off to your friends!  I’m sure they’d be very happy to get a copy to read.

On the day of release, stay tuned to Stephanie’s Facebook Page and her Twitter account to have some fun interaction with her.  Release day is always very exciting and Stephanie loves to hear from readers that they have or will get a copy to read and enjoy.

Also, we are so excited to announce there will be a Promotional Book Tours Book Blast and the kick off of an 8 week tour with Reading Addiction Virtual Blog Tours.  Our goal is to point out each of the wonderful bloggers who have signed up to showcase The Dead Room.  Please stop by their blogs and check them out.  There just might be more giveaways to enter…

If you are one of the wonderful readers who decides to get your own copy of The Dead Room, please be sure to stop and leave a review at Amazon and Goodreads.  We can’t tell you how much these reviews matter–books are one of those things where friends trust the opinion of friends.  If you like the book, chances are your friends will too!

Another way you can help spread the news about The Dead Room is by voting for Stephanie’s book on Listopia.  Goodreads has user created lists where readers can vote for their favorite books.  Each book within one of these lists moves to the top with more votes.  So many of these lists are FILLED with really awesome reads.  It’s a fantastic way to learn about new authors in your favorite genres and helps other readers find out about the books that you like.  Click here to see the Goodreads page and just scroll down a bit to see Listopia!

If you are a reader of ebooks, but you prefer Nook, Kobo, iTunes, or Play…stay tuned!  All of Stephanie’s new releases moving forward will publish to all these wonderful retailers and devices.

Another general change that is going to be happening will be completely behind the scenes.  We are going to give this website some love, but mostly it’ll be happening seamlessly with the search engines to attract possible new readers.  Lots of technical stuff that I am learning, as I  stumble through being the webmaster for this site.

Finally, one of the biggest chances we are going to start is with the newsletter!  We can’t say too much right now, but it is going to really step up our game plan.  If you haven’t already signed up, there will be plenty to entice you to want to join.  We still have planned to not fill your inboxes with too much mail–we all know what it’s like to get too much filler.  There will be no more than two per month and we have so much planned for every other newsletter–I sure know I’d like to sign up!  So if you haven’t signed up yet, keep watching Stephanie’s blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.  You’ll know when the new changes have taken effect and you might just want to go ahead and sign up.  It’s going to be awesome.