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The first step, particularly for new clients, is a sample edit. That way, we can see if we’re a good fit. You’ll see my developmental editing style, and I’ll see your writing style. After contacting me, you’ll email me five pages of your draft. I’ll developmentally edit them and send them back. From there, we can both decide if we want to work on the project as a team.

For $0.006 per word, I will provide you with a detailed overlook of your book, as well as where I believe you need to take it from there. I will point out any plot holes I find, characters that need further development or are unrealistic, dangling storylines, any inconsistent tones throughout the book, or any other problems I discover or you specifically want me to look at. Comments and changes will be left throughout the book using Track Changes or in an additional document.

If you choose, I will do an additional read through after you’ve made your revisions based on my suggestions for $0.003 per word.

Example prices for an 80,000 word manuscript: The first read through would cost $480. If you decided on the second read through, it would be an additional $240.

I accept PayPal payments. Payment will be made in a 50/50 split: Half upfront, half upon completion of the project. I will send an invoice upon receipt of the manuscript. Work will start when payment is received. If payment is received after agreed-upon date, the deadline will have that many extra days added to it.

Things I will NOT do as your developmental editor: Copy editing, line editing, grammar fixes, proofreading, etc. I am not, nor will I ever proclaim to be, an authority on these subjects. I can recommend a few stellar editors who specialize in those subjects if asked.

I will not sugarcoat the truth or lie to you to save your ego. I’m here to help, not blow smoke up your skirt. If I think something needs work, I’m going to tell you. I will always be constructive and provide options for you to improve your work. It’s your job to decide whether or not to make the changes I suggest. Ultimately, it’s your work and your voice. I want it to be something you are proud of.

Turnaround time: My turnaround time will depend heavily on how much work your book needs, as well as how many clients are in the queue ahead of you. As an author myself, deadlines are extremely important to me. Please respect my time and get your manuscript to me on or before our scheduled date. If you don’t, your spot will be voided. I will respect you by having your book back to you on our agreed-upon deadline. Please plan not only your budget, but also your calendar should you choose to get in touch with me.

I look forward to hearing from and working with you in the future.

Think you might want to get to work? Please email me using the contact form today and we’ll get started! I’m so excited to work with you!

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What is Developmental Editing?

So, you have your book done. Great job! That’s sometimes the toughest part. As an author myself, the first draft is always a beast. I often need an outside perspective to help me see plot holes, flat characters, redundancies, and any other things that will make readers run screaming.

My own developmental editor is invaluable to me. She points out things, big and small, that I would never see on my own. I’m too close to the work. For this reason, I wanted to start helping other authors as well.

Focus is going to be the main goal of your developmental editor. If your book is lacking direction, an inconsistent tone, or has an unclear audience, your developmental editor will help you zero in on not only what you’re trying to say, but also how to say it.

I can help you discover plot holes, as well as give suggestions for how to fix them, setting you on a path to creating the best possible version of your book. My intention will be to never change your voice as an author. I will not rewrite your book; I will only help you see beyond the words through different eyes.

To be clear, developmental editing is very different from line or copy editing. Should you use any developmental editor, not just me, you’ll also need to do line editing and/or copy editing as well to make sure your book is one-hundred percent ready for the world. Proofreading is also recommended after developmental and copy/line editing.

Whether you’re publishing independently, or getting ready to send your book to agents, developmental editing can really help give your book that extra push it needs to go from good to outstanding.

Interested? Please email me using the contact form and let’s get to work!

Terms and Conditions

GRAPHIC and/or gratuitous RAPE scenes are not accepted. Books containing them are subject to IMMEDIATE return without refund or completion.

HOWEVER, books that contain rape are not an automatic no. A girl trying to get over being raped, a fade-to-black rape scene that is integral to the story, a book about rape that inspires hope in victims, a crime book that manages to impress the violence without making it graphic and pleasingly sexual, etc… would all be considered and most likely accepted. Please just explain the scenes to me. Erotica books that use rape as something pleasingly sexual, or any book that does, or any book that describes rape in graphic, violent, sexual, scene-by-scene detail, will not be accepted and if in a book I accepted without my knowledge, will be returned with NO REFUND OR COMPLETION.

AUTHORS are responsible for getting their books to me by the date agreed upon. If I have not received it within two days of the agreed upon date, I will move on to the next in line, unless I have an email from the author and we agree on other terms.

RUSH jobs, which I very rarely take, will incur a fee. It will depend on length and time given to finish. The start amount is $100, and it goes up from there.

PAYMENT is a 50/50 split, half up front and half upon completion. An invoice will be sent through PayPal when the manuscript is received. No work will be done until invoice is paid in full. PayPal fees are calculated and added to final bill. A $100 cancellation fee will be charged if the client cancels their time slot less than a week before their date. A $50 cancellation fee will be charged if the client cancels their time slot less than two weeks before their date. This fee is strictly enforced.

HOLIDAYS and holiday weekends DO NOT count toward the estimated amount of time given to edit your manuscript. Those times are spent with my family. If any of those fall during your time period, please be aware of this. Example: If you are given a time period over Christmas, your estimated turnaround time will be longer than normal to accommodate the holiday. Also, I may not answer emails as promptly during this time. Manuscripts are given my complete attention and are turned over in as timely a manner as possible. Sometimes, life happens. Please be patient. 

Additionally, my services do NOT in any way guarantee you will sell X-number of copies or hit bestseller lists.