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For those of you that haven’t signed up, Stephanie unleashed the synopsis of her newest book, The Dead Room.  We’re going to hit ‘publish’ on March 11th, so make your calendars!  You’re going to love The Dead Room!!


322 years after the apocalypse, the world has changed, but her people have not.  Secrets, lies, and manipulations endure among a small group of survivors taking refuge on an island in the Northern Pacific.

No one knows what claimed so many lives over three centuries ago, and no one asks, except Ashley Wortham.  She can feel the secrets all around her, begging to be uncovered.

But nine elders who govern the island guard their secrets jealously.  They believe the islanders know what they need to, and they hide their secrets behind a ruse of peace.  But when Ashley, and her best friend Mason, go down the rabbit hole, no one is prepared for truths they uncover.  What will they do when they discover the downfall of humanity lies within their own island, deep inside the dead room?