New Store!

Hi!  So, we’ve been using Square for quite some time to sell paperbacks when Stephanie goes to events.

Its simplicity is fantastic and since we don’t go to events regularly, it makes sense to use a platform like Square that doesn’t charge us monthly maintenance fees.  We used to use a different credit card merchant service and they charged something like $12.95 per month just to have it sit there.  Um, no thanks.

Stephanie had a reader contact her today asking if she could send a signed paperback to give as a gift.  The reader offered to pay through Paypal, which would be ok, but here we’ve got this Square account sitting idle, why not use it?

All this is to say that I just took advantage of Square’s free commerce website utility to allow anyone who wants, to buy any or all of Stephanie’s books with her autograph!!

Go take a look today!!